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Looking to buy an Instant Pot in Israel?

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Can I bring an Instant Pot from the US?

If you have reached this site I am assuming you already understand what makes the Instant Pot so great, but you aren't sure if you can buy or use the American version in Israel.

Unfortunately you can't bring a pot from the US to Israel, because the American version uses 110V and in Israel (and Europe) we use 220V.  Therefore, you need to make sure to get the European version of the pot. 

See the official message in the Instant Pot site.

After some research, I found that the best place to order the Instant Pot to Israel is from the Amazon UK site. The voltage is 220V, and it comes with the right plug (it comes with UK and EU plugs). The cost, including shipping and tax, comes out to be 700 - 1,400 NIS (depending on the model, see the available ones on this page). I know you can get it for under $100 in the US, but what can you do, that's the price here.

Ordering is simple, and the Instant Pot came within 2 weeks in my case. Expect a BIG box!

Enjoy using it! It's a really great product! :)


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Ready to order?

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*This button leads to the exact link in Amazon UK I used to order mine. This is an affiliate link and I will get a commission from Amazon if you use it. I thank you if you choose to!

Recommended Accessories

These additional accessories are the ones I use and recommend. They are available from the US so you can bring them back from your next visit or ask family to bring them to you. I find it essential to have another pot on hand!

See them in the Store

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About the site

I decided to build this informative site after seeing my American friends and family recommending the Instant Pot. I almost bought one before I realized it might not work in Israel. It took a few months of research until I understood the best way to purchase it. I want to save other people the trouble and give good information in Hebrew.❤️

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